Last week an Islamist women’s group launched a monthly online magazine, Al-Khansaa, aimed at recruiting Arab women jihadis to fight holy wars against non-Muslims. The AP reports that magazine will also provide fitness tips for female holy warriors, information on treating injuries and advice for parents raising children to fight nonbelievers.

Some of the thousands of Iraqi Christians who fled the country in fear of radical Muslims are returning to the northern, Kurdish-controlled parts of the country, reports Uwe Siemon-Netto of United Press International. Iraq’s Ambassador-designate to the Vatican, Albert Yelda, pled for Christians to return, arguing that “‘This was the work of foreign terrorists. Iraq’s Muslim leaders do not want us to leave. Christians enjoy their highest respect.'”

The carbon-dating of an ancient wooden carving found at the prehistoric timber circle known as Seahenge gives archeologists new information about the Bronze-Age monument as a site of religious, fenerary or magical significance. The wooden carving, identified as sex-changing Viking god Odin, was dated to 2,250 B.C., which coincides with the construction of Seahenge.Read more.

Good Boys Go to Heaven, Bad Boys Go to Amsterdam.”

“‘This is a great day for women’s health, because it means the Constitution holds that doctors will treat women’s health and not Congress.'” The New York Times reports on a judgment in a New York federal court, which yesterday ruled that a federal law banning a rarely used method of abortion was unconstitutional because it made no exemption for cases where the procedure might be necessary to protect a woman’s health.