‘I want people to judge me on my deeds, not how I try to define myself as a religious person of words.'” Go on, guess.

A study of congressional voting patterns over the last 25 years shows that religious affiliation helps create an ideological divide between Republicans and Democrats that virtually ensures a partisan split on almost all votes — not just the culture war issue — in Congress. The Washington Post’s Bill Broadway reports that the study discovered voting pattern trends relating to religious affiliation that surpassed the well-acknowledged impact of the evangelical Christians in American politics.

“Between tricks on his board, Anderson uses terms like ‘stoked’ and ‘awesome’ in discussions of forgiving sins.” Recently born-again actor Stephen Baldwin and skaters from his recent “Christian extreme sports” DVD, “Livin’ It,” join the Revolution Church.

A child-care center run by the Assembly of God Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was forced to close Friday after receiving threatening phone calls and finding hundreds of leaflets with anti-religious messages scattered across their parking lot. The leaflets were printed with phrases such as “There is no God,” and “Priests are known to have been molesting kids for years. If you don’t know what molesting is, ask your mom.” The Assembly of God’s plans to build a Christian shopping center — which will prohibit tenants taht sell alcohol, tobacco, pornography or lottery tickets — were approved this week, though it’s not clear that there is any connection between the two events. Read more.