“Put on a church hat and I had instant class, a bunch of class.'” Annette John-Hall writes on black women, church and millinery in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

9:35 am: A California Councilman, Jack Feller, has renewed his request to place the motto “In God We Trust” behind the dais in council chambers. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, “Feller said he sees the U.S. motto, complete with a symbolic eagle in aluminum crafted to look like bronze, in patriotic, not religious, terms…He calls the motto, along with ‘One Nation Under God’ and ‘So Help Me God,’ ‘phrases that are as American as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.'” Meanwhile, in Lexinton, North Carolina, Judge James M. Honeycutt has been named in a county complaint for ordering that religious references be stricken from oaths and announcements in his courtrooms, removing the phrase “so help you God,” no longer asking people to swear on a bible, and ordering bailiffs to drop the phrase “God save the state and this honorable court” when opening a session. The Herald-Tribune reports that Honeycutt implemented the neutral oath in his courtrooms in April because of the increasing number of non-Christians served by the court system.

9:21 am: This morning on The Brian Lehrer Show : “Doing Without.” “Catholicism isn’t the only faith with a tradition of abstinence. Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus all sometimes practice celibacy, although the Catholic church’s ban on sexual intercourse by priests and nuns is unique. A new HBO documentary explores the effect of celibacy on those faithful who practice it.” 10:00 am at WNYC NPR.

9:14 am: “CSI: HOLY LAND (CBS). Liked ‘The Passion’ but didn’t think it dwelled on the forensics enough? The trail to Damascus is still warm for these detectives, investigating unsolved martyrdoms as to whether they qualify the victim for sainthood. Not so much a whodunit as a who-gets-beatified-for-it.” Inspired by a recent Reuters report that “broadcasters are devoting more of their prime-time schedules to shows dealing with God, faith and the afterlife,” The Daily Show’s Rob Kutner pitches ideas for “Thou-Shalt-See TV.” Working titles include: Chastity & Sloth (ABC), Godville (WB), American Destroyer of Idols (Fox) and Sodomite Eye for the Man Righteous Before the Lord (Bravo). Read more.