Reader Christopher Bugbee writes in with a comment on Jack Kelley, the former USA Today star reporter recently revealed as a serial fabricator:

Along the way to explaining just how much damage Jack Kelley managed to do, John Gorenfeld expanded on his earlier Salon piece during the first segment of NPR‘s “On the Media” Sunday (you can link to the OTM site for a transcript).

Check out his last graf for a pretty good mission statement for the kind of religion coverage you’ve been arguing for.

“…I think it’s much more serious. It really gets at how people like this shape visions of reality, and it, it really, for me, defines the line between a kind of journalism that is really just going to not require people to think or question their assumptions, and the kind that works in shades of gray and looks at ambiguities. I think Jack Kelley’s fabrications certainly were designed, not to change people’s minds, but to re-assure them of what they already felt about certain groups of people.”

Terry Mattingly at Get Religion, meanwhile, has a different perspective.