A few days after we built this page, Norwegianity wrote: “How do you tell if a website on religion is on the up and up or if it’s just fronting for Sun Myung Moon, Falwell, Dobson or one of the other clowns? Well, posting a page of links to legit atheist sites is a pretty good start. The Revealer is fast becoming one of my regular stops…. Still, I don’t expect them to run my favorite religious quote any time soon.”

No? Take this: “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” — Denis Diderot

We’ll publish it as an opening salvo of our guide to the godless, even if we do find it extreme. But that’s what atheism is all about — taking the hard line against religion. Hardly a belief system for Doubting Thomases, atheism — perhaps more than any other dogma — precludes doubt. Thank God it celebrates wit. While the old school atheist press makes the Book of Numbers seem fun, much of atheism’s web presence is worthwhile reading not just for the godless, but for kings, priests, and true believers.

The Atheist Alliance Web Center has a large collection of links to atheist media, merchandise, activism, community and “religious recovery” websites, among others. It also publishes its own magazine, Secular Nation.

AAH Examiner: the official, quarterly newsletter of the African-American Humanists seeks to challenge stereotypes concerning African-Americans and spirituality.

American Atheist Magazine is the quarterly publication of the American Atheists, a legacy organization of atheist activist Madalyn Murray O’Hair. In addition to the magazine, the organization also maintains a news Flashline and a weekly cable access television show, “The Atheist Viewpoint.”

Americans United for Separation of Church and State: the official site of the religious liberty watchdog group, founded in 1947 to promote the separation of church and state and protect religious freedom.

The American Rationalist is a 46-year old bi-monthly following the 150-year tradition of the Freethought Movement of America, criticizing “mysticism” and “superstition” in theology.

Atheist Network Radio has internet audio streaming available 24/7, with new shows every week such as “Infidelguy,” “Reverend Bookburn,” and, while we were surfing, “God had a plan for Dale Earnhardt.”

Effect Measure is a progressive forum on public health topics that admirably takes into account the role of religion in other areas of public interest, offering such meditations as a five-part series on public health, religion and war.

The Evangelical Atheist wants to help you overcome religion.

Free Inquiry Magazine is the mouthpiece of the Council for Secular Humanism and offers scholarly and popular articles on current events related to or effected by religion, as well church-state updates.

The Freethinker is a secular humanist monthly from the U.K. Founded in 1881 by G.W. Foote, it landed him in jail a year later for blasphemy. Publication continued uninterrupted, however, and the magazine Foote described as necessarily aggressive has since been called sarcastic, abrasive and offensive. It runs full-length articles “from a Rationalist perspective,” in hopes of furthering its cause to disestablish the Church of England and remove religion from Britain’s publically-funded institutions.

Freethought Today is published by the Freedom From Religion Federation ten times a year and contains timely news articles concerning the separation of church and state.

Internet Infidels Newswire is a collection of hard-news articles covering religious civil liberties issues maintained by The Secular Web and the Internet Infidels, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a “naturalistic” worldview.

New Humanist is another British humanist monthly, published by the Rationalist Press Association. Its writers come from varied backgrounds and cover news and criticism of humanist and religious current issues.

Positive Atheism Magazine: chronicling the heritage of nonbelief. PA discusses the history, ethics and philosophy of atheism and though it claims to be just for atheists, it archives personal de-conversion stories and invites the doubting to explore.

Truth Seeker Journal. At 127 years old, the Truth Seeker is the oldest freethought publication in the world and in its time has boasted such writers as Mark Twain, Margaret Sanger, Clarence Darrow and Thomas Edison. It continues as a journal and a multi-media publication company.


The Church of Critical Thinking: “Your Suspicion is our Mission.” An amusing and smart atheistic run-down of daily news.

God is for Suckers. A bit ranty, but more eloquent than the title would lead you to believe, this blog is watchdogging movements towards theocracy in the U.S., particularly concerning civil rights issues.

Gullibility isn’t in the Dictionary. Debunking God, gods, Bigfoot and UFOs.

Pharyngula is the blog of University of Minnesota biology professor, Paul Z. Myers. As the title–which describes an “evolutionarily conserved” stage of embryonic development–suggests, Myers is concerned with evolutionism, and creationists who doubt it. We thank him for introducing us to the kawaii comic strip of the elder gods, “Hello Cthulhu.”

The Raving Atheist, “An Atheistic Examination of the Culture of Belief [on] How Religious Devotion Trivializes American Law and Politics,” is an intensely intelligent, often funny, and all around well-made blog that’s good enough for true believers as well as godless folk.

Religion is BULLSHIT! Once you get past the gimmicky facade, this former-Baptist blogger has some personal essays that describe a sincere grappling with belief and nonbelief.

Strange Doctrines: a straight-forward, newsy, political blog with independent sections devoted to religious topics such as atheism, creationism, evolution and ethics and technology.

Unscrewing the Inscrutable: an Atheist Dad and the “second-shift supervisor of the Puppy-Grinding Division of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy (trademarked),” takes on the Christian Right.


Daily Pundit: where you can direct anyone who claims that trigger-happy bigots belong exclusively to the Religious Right.

The Light of Reason is a very civil blog, written by a gay Ayn Rand-style libertarian, promoting the Randian philosophy, Objectivism.

Separation of State and Superstition is the blog of a reluctantly Democratic libertarian who claims, “religious superstition is a bigger threat to America today than all the terrorists in the world combined.”

Venting Steam offers moderate libertarian commentary on politics and religion.


DETOX bills itself as “the religious recovery webzine” for deconverts. Beyond a collection of parody news stories (“Watergate jailbird sees God in Windows XP”), DETOX has forums for selling one’s soul or used God.

The Door Magazine. Though it erroneously calls itself “the world’s pretty much only religious satire magazine,” it does carry impressive fake coverage of Pat Robertson receiving the first-ever “Lifetime Loser Award for SEVERAL lifetimes’ worth of bringing disrespect, disrepute and disarray to Christianity.”

While Ship of Fools, “the magazine of Christian Unrest,” is officially Orthodox Christian, its lampooning of Christianity has made it the darling of Atheist Alliance. Bad news is their 11th Commandment competition just closed. However, you can still catch “The Ark”: the “world’s first internet reality gameshow…where Big Brother meets the Bible.”

The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible reproduces the King James Version, “but without all the pro-Bible propoganda,” instead highlighting passages that are an “embarrassment” to believers and employing a key of graphic icons to label verses “cruel,” “contradictory,” absurd or insulting to women. An Annotated Quran is also available.

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