Shabbat reading below; but first, a scooped report: Is muscular Christianity entering a new weight class? Yes — and you read it on The Revealer first. Now, from The New York Times:The Return of the Warrior Jesus.

The Head Heeb is one of the few bloggers of any faith to pay attention to the alleged coup attempt in Sudan, where one of the world’s most vicious religious civil wars continues.

Steven I. Weiss at Protocols writes about the internet war over the definition of Jew, andJewschool‘s campaign to fight back against bigotry.

Out of Step Jew reports a sort of Jewish exorcism at an Israeli military base.

The Shaigetz at Doing it Maai Vey complains about the Passover countdown: “For some reason I find it hard to accept that when G-d commanded us not to eat bread for eight days, he really meant us to be driven into smaller and smaller spaces with our food until we climax a couple of days before pesach furtively eating day old sandwiches on the porch.” Read more.