There’s an intriguing round-up of sources at Christianity Today on news out of Texas that the baby-killing Bluebonnet Council of Girl Scouts has been stopped in its tracks.

John Pisciotta, an economist at Baylor and director of an unfortunately named organization, “Pro-Life Waco,” led the charge against the cookie-peddling agents of abortion, reports The Waco Tribune-Herald.

The conspiracy runs deep — the Waco paper, it turns out, is a co-sponsor of the same sex-ed program, “Nobody’s Fool,” as the Girl Scouts — and Planned Parenthood. A description of the program on Planned Parenthood’s site makes it sound like standard, abortion-free fare. But the argument goes that any publicity for Planned Parenthood amounts to advocacy — a line of reasoning by which pro-life groups would also be banned from supporting activities for kids.

For now, everyone’s taking a deep breath and a step back. The Bluebonnet Girl Scouts have agreed to avoid even the appearence of supporting abortion. But The Revealer wonders if they’re not genuflecting all the way to the bank: An Arizona Daily Star piece from last week, before the truce was made, reported that “Cookie sales surge in Waco.”

To his credit, Pisciotta is pleased by that news. Less sex-ed, more cookies — in his view, it’s awin-win situation.