A new original feature on The Revealer: “Shockwave,” by Elizabeth A. Castelli.

Castelli, a visiting fellow at New York University’s Center for Religion and Media, prepares us for tomorrow’s “shockwave” of teen prayer, a new annual holiday of sorts designed to topple governments and conquer the world for Christ.

Part of Shockwave’s appeal to kids is that they often find it themselves on the Internet. But Castelli says that despite the flashy websites, Shockwave is old wine: “The form may be digital, but the content is definitely analog. That is, the Internet functions for Shockwave primarily as a delivery system for materials bearing a remarkable resemblance to old-fashioned print church magazines.”

We’re not so sure — we’ve never seen anything like “directions about how to ‘Turn your bedroom into a prison cell for 15 hours!'” in a church bulletin.

Get shocked — read “Shockwave!”