The Revealer‘s Jeff Sharlet will be talking on religion and the way it gets written about at 11 am, eastern time, on “Roundtable,” a radio show produced by WAMC in Albany, New York and available online here. A quick glance at the show’s line-up reveals a promising segment during the 10 am segment as well, an interview with Mona Mikhail of New York University, who’ll be talking about her new book, Seen and Heard, on women in Arabic literature.

And since we’re talking about books, and ourselves, it seems almost justifiable to direct readers to this fine work of literary criticism, by Carlo Wolf, writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “‘Killing the Buddha’ makes you want to jump and holler and run right out and get yourself a Bible, just in case, shame on you, you don’t have one. You might want to pick up the Quran and the Kama Sutra, too…” Read more.