Scholars, wonks, and rebbeles; mameles and makhers-in-their-own-minds; such are the denizens of… well, it’s hard to say what they’re denizens of. Unlike St. Blog’s Parish, Jewish bloggers have adopted no general name for the Jewish blogosphere. ‘Gogue Blog? Mazl Blog!(?)

Probably not. Too many of the Jewish blogs have great names already; they don’t need something like St. Blog’s Parish. Our favorite (name, that is)? Yada, Yada, Yada, the popcult blog of Jewsweek.

We’ve added a selection of 15 Jewish blogs to our Judaism links page (scroll down), chosen because they’re smart, or funny, or maybe even both. Some are neither, but they take us into parts of the Jewish world we’d never see otherwise. Several are angry — at Israel, at those who are angry at Israel, at their rabbis. None of them has enough Yiddish.

Our initial selection isn’t representative — if anything, the Jewish blogosphere is more politically conservative than those we’ve chosen — but it does cover some of the main interests and most interesting corners of Jewish Blogland: Israel, pop culture, hasidism. There’s more to come, so we’ll refrain from summarizing any further — but we welcome comments on the Jewish blogosphere and recommendations of where to go within it.