First, apologies — Jewschool informs us that there is a name for the Jewish blogosphere — jBlog. Second — jBlog, how about a better name? True, “Mazl Blog” isn’t it — but we have confidence in the community that created Yada, Yada, YadaPlotzworld, and Protocols.

Here’s an interesting post on kibbutzim via one such blog, Times & Seasons. Only, those bearded men at the top of Times & Seasons’ page aren’t rabbis or 19th century Zionists — they’re Mormons. We came to Times & Seasons by way of reader Brayden King, who asked that we give equal time to the Mormon blogosphere (we won’t even try to propose a name). Times & Seasons, an intellectual blog on Mormon thought and its echoes in the broader world, provides an excellent starting point.

Brayden also recommends A Soft Answer, which bills itself as “nothing controversial, just politics, religion, and the most interesting place where they meet — Utah!”

So, we’re off to see the Tabernacle (as it exists in hearts and minds online) and we’ll report back soon from the Mormon blogosphere.

Are St. Blog’sjBlog, and the Mormon blogosphere — and the similarities in tone and positioning they share — various reflections of a singular phenomenon? Or are we too fixated on the meaning of the medium?