If there’s a pun in The New York Observer‘s hed, “Let’s Holla for Kaballah,” we’re missing it. But that’s the only thing wrong with this short, sharp piece of what the scholars like to call “lived religion.” Oh, excuse us — “lived spirituality.”

Alexandra Wolfe writes: “When Ms. Jones invites the Kabbalah Centre’s rabbis over for her cocktail parties, she said, her only stipulation is that they don’t talk about religion. ‘I don’t proselytize,’ she said, ‘and when I do these rabbi meetings, we don’t discuss religion—we discuss spirituality.'”

You have to scroll down through an item about Tom Cruise‘s publicist, but whaddya know — that turns out to be a religion story, too.

C’mon everyone — let’s holla for the deep thoughts of the ruling class.