The Revealer is delighted to announce that a radio show featuring two associates of the Center for Religion and Media — Ann Pellegrini and Janet R. Jakobsen — is a nominee for aGolden Reel award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. Ann and Janet spoke with C.S. Soong, host of “The Living Room,” about their book, Love the Sin: Sexual Regulation and the Limits of Religious Tolerance. That show isn’t online, unfortunately, but you can hear Ann on a more recent program discussing religion and same-sex marriage here (scroll down to the 1/28 show).

You’ll be hearing more from Ann here at The Revealer soon — on February 12th, at New York University, she’ll be giving a talk in the Center’s speaking series on “Secular Childhood (And Other Religious Subjects).” Ann’s teaser for the talk raises a great question: “How do Christian understandings of sin, salvation, and selfhood continue to shape ‘secular’ childhood in the United States?”

The Revealer is grateful for those scholars and journalists who look not just at the hard facts of faith, but also at its echoes in the lives of those who think they live religion-free lives. Ann’s one of the best. You can get more details about the lecture here, and you can write The Revealer if you’d like to get in touch with Ann or Janet for a story.