“In the sitting room of a flat in Bloomsbury, Geoffrey Kirk introduces himself jovially as the man who is going to split the Church of England.”

So writes Jamie Wilson in the British Guardian, deftly conveying with one sentence a crucial element of the potentially schismatic debates coming to a boil throughout the Anglican Communion (and, for that matter, many of the so-called “mainline” Protestant denominations): Joy. Not the joy taken in the act of worship, or from appreciation of God’s creation, but that which is derived from the fray.

Reading Wilson’s report on a movement within the Church of England to creat an all-male enclave, The Revealer cannot help but suspect that these fights are fueled by a new desire for heat among “God’s frozen chosen.” Their demoninations may be dwindling, but they are certainly getting some press — and, it seems, loving it. “”I am sick to death of being called a schismatic,” Kirk, national secretary of a group called Forward in Faith, tells Wilson.

Uh-huh. Say that one more time, would you, Mr. Kirk? This time into the microphone…