The Revealer has a fever today, so high I’ve been haunted by fever dreams of George W. Bush leading an orange-robed choir in my living room. I won’t try to parse that, nor anything in the wide world of online religion. Instead, today’s offering will be a selection of simple links to items The Revealer finds intriguing, if not necessarily reliable:

From The Atlantic Monthlyreincarnated born-again Christians;

The survey The Atlantic got the goods from, by the Barna Research Group;

A conservative evangelical take on the study, from — which notes that the highest proportion of pastors with “Biblical” worldviews (that is, contemporary, conservative evangelical beliefs, not notions about stoning adulterers) can be found in politically liberal sections of the U.S.;

Money talk about God in The Wall Street Journal;

Episcopalian blog schism in The Washington Times;

Last — and today, probably least — The Revealer stumbles down to the radio studio to talk through fevered fog about religion writing on WNYC’s “The Leonard Lopate Show,” at 1:40. If I start telling W. to stop singing, you’ll all know why.