That — and a medicine-cabinet-raiding house breaker — is what it took to tip off the residents of a Washington, D.C. suburb that a group home for “four men” was actually a religous retreat for many more, or so reports Annie Gowen in The Washington Post. Gowen’s account of the neighbors’ angry reaction is the latest in a string of investigations of a religious organization that denies it is religious and denies it is an organization. They call themselves “The Family,” but told Gowen to call them “The Fellowship,” if anything at all. She called them suspicious and dug into the story. Since The Revealer’s revealer wrote about this group in the March issue of Harper’s, we hear that they’re not much more than a feel-good endeavor; but with members such as John Ashcroft, this gang — said to be spread throughout the country, like a Protestant Opus Dei — could bear some more scrutiny.