This Ramadan, The Revealer promises not to disturb our fast with: moviesmasturbation, or cupping (that’s medical bloodletting, for all you infidels). Islam Online offers other helpful hints in its “Ask The Scholar,” column. Amusing? Sure. Complicated? Definitely. Too often the press translates non-Christian religious events into secular American terms of wholesomeness, family, and piety. These examples alone point to all the stories about Ramadan in America thataren’t being told. The Revealer thinks the most intriguing comment on Ramadan this year comes in the “comments” section of Alt.Muslim, in a response to a column by IBN Radio host Hana Baba (in which he rants against hard-partying Muslim “Mr. Hydes” who ruin the good effects of their daytime “Dr. Jeckyll” practice ) “Dr. Jeckyll,” notes Naeem Bengali, “created the formula that led to Mr. Hyde.”