A gathering of conservative Episcopalians in Dallas ended yesterday with the church still intact and the majority of the conservatives dedicated to pushing Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire out for being out rather than splintering off to form their own gay-free gathering of God’s frozen people. Susan Hogan-Albach of the Dallas Morning News reports on the conference and the views of the conservatives, who insist that their views are not discriminatory since they’re based in theology, not sociology. Does that mean Bell Curve author, race baiter — and sociologist — Charles Murray is a bigot while Aryan Nations ministers are not? “We’re Biblical Christians,” explained one anti-gay delegate, as if such a tautological phrase explained anything. Hogan-Albach is one of the best religion reporters on the God beat, but she’s wrong to let that statement pass. Regardless of one’s views of gays in the clergy, resorting to the increasingly common phrase “Biblical Christians” isn’t theological at all — it’s dodging the question instead of practicing theology, gay or anti-gay. Other attendees weren’t so delicate about the virtues of gay-bashing: “We’ve been called to this moment,” said Father David Roseberry, who’ll soon head to Canterbury to demand Bishop Robinson’s ouster. “It’s an amazing, amazing time.” Surely is. Can’t remember this much fun since that time outside of Laramie back in ’98… Hogan-Albach’s report.