Culture Is Not Optional is an intriguing name for a religious organization, and Catapult is an even better name for its magazine. This fine nomenclature is the work of a group of “neo-Calvinists,” an under-reported strain of the new orthodoxy drawing adherents amongst young and/or hipster Christians. The Catapulters dedicate their magazine to “an exploration of the ways in which we are haunted by the ghosts of the original reformers.” Sometimes that can be silly, as when David Adams takes issue with Joseph Fiennes portrayal of Martin Luther in the new film Luther because Fiennes is tall and skinny and Luther was short and fat. More intriguing is editor Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma’s editorial on barnstorming the neo-Calvinist college circuit, where a bond between Christ and labor, long dormant in white American Protestantism, is being forged anew.