This week the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools denied an appeal by a Jewish Orthodox school team to have their state semifinals game moved to any night other than Friday night.

Bishop William E. Lori gave the editors of America magazine a lashing today for their criticism of the USCCB’s contraception conniption.  Lori, it would seem, still thinks that religious liberty is reserved for his institution alone.

In an article at Washington Post‘s “On Faith,” David Kuo and Patton Dodd wrote this:  “The subject of evil is disallowed in our public imagination today.”  It’s an absurd statement, one that any foreclosed home owner, imprisoned black kid, unemployed white mom, or me, a single white woman living next to the projects in Brooklyn, can laugh at.  They were defending Santorum’s devil talk (not Santorum, they’re moderates after all) and castigating the media for not recognizing that a whole lot of people believe in the devil.  Geesh.  What they clearly don’t get is that most Americans only really care what Santorum specifically believes because they know he intends to legislate it.  On them.  Regardless of what they believe.

(h/t Angela Zito, Fred Folmer)