By David Metcalfe


An urban youth lends no pastoral allure to chalky candy charms and flimsy cardboard tokens. Until, within a sepulchral view of a rose adorned skull, faint echoes of divinatory lots and sympathetic magic are discerned beyond St. Valentine’s fallen face.

Wandering beyond mercantile districts, into a dispersed and disputed hagiography, we find him moving with all the invisibility of an adept. Through Jacobus de Voragine, a partner in beheading with St. Denis, whose street leads the alchemist Flamel to his vocation.

Here, outside of time, we see him fully, valorous knight of Christ, and patron over the grand feast of amour fou.


David Metcalfe is an independent researcher, writer and multimedia artist focusing on the interstices of art, culture, and consciousness. He contributes to Evolutionary LandscapesAlarm MagazineReality Sandwich, Modern Mythology, The Eyeless Owl, and is currently co-hosting The Art of Transformations study group with support from the International Alchemy Guild.  Metcalfe is Books Editor at The Revealer.