Things we love about the new Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life poll on “Mormons in America?”  So glad you asked:

Substitute your own word in here:  “Many _____ feel they are misunderstood, discriminated against and not accepted by other Americans as part of mainstream society.”

“Two-thirds (68%) [of Mormons] say the American people as a whole do not see Mormonism as part of mainstream society.”  This while the leading GOP candidate is Mormon (poll conducted October and November of last year).

Define Christian:  97% of Mormons say Mormonism is a Christian religion.  Only 51% of non-Mormons do.

“73% say working to help the poor is essential to be a good Mormon”

What’s morally wrong?  Polygamy (86%), Sex between unmarried adults (79%), having an abortion (74%), drinking alcohol (54%), and divorce (25%)


An excerpt from Revealer Abby Ohlheiser’s post at Slate today:

Reflecting Romney’s struggles to gain the confidence of the Evangelical vote as the primary season progresses, the survey found that while Mormons are actually pretty similar to Evangelicals politically (they’re much more conservative and Republican than the general population) and, in some ways, religiously there’s some mutual tension between the two groups. One-half of Mormons surveyed indicated that Evangelical Christians are generally unfriendly toward Mormons. Maybe that’s why Romney has kept discussion of his faith to a minimum in his fight for the GOP nomination.

ReligionLink‘s “extensive guide to issues regarding Mormons” is here.

From Gawker‘s “You’re All Just Jealous of Mitt Romney” about the GOP presidential candidate’s recent morning show interview:

Matt Lauer, in a fine line of questioning yesterday, pressed Romney on the way he’s started labeling attacks on his record at Bain as based on “envy.” That is strange, isn’t it, that instead of trying to explain his role in financial capitalism as good for the American worker in the long-term — a tough job, but his only real way out of this! — he’s just resorted to dismissing people as jealous that he cleaned up so well and gets to boil a steak for breakfast everyday.

From  the Washington Post’s On Belief blog which states that the poll “will certainly fuel the ogling debate about the so-called “Mormon moment” and whether Mormons have become a part of the American religious mainstream”: