Ravenous Politics of Memory:  “Gone with the Wind” is still the most popular book in America, after the Bible.  At Salon, Peter Birkenhead wonders why.

The Mennonites and Occupy.

Egypt has banned “virginity tests.”

Christian Sub-Culture?: Here’s a clip from one of the more bizarre Publisher’s Weekly reviews I’ve seen, of Mark and Grace Driscoll’s new book, Real Marriage: The Truth about Sex, Friendship, & Life Together:

The Driscolls ask early in the book that readers not approach their story with a “voyeuristic” intent, even though the couple pulls back the curtain on their lives, taking readers into arguments, sexual pasts and present life, mistakes, and healing. Partly because of their sexual histories before marriage, Mark thought of sex as “god” and Grace as “gross,” and they show how together they discovered sex as a gift from God.

Mark says that even in the Christian sub-culture people don’t know much about what the Bible says about sex, and many don’t think of swinging or pornography as sexual sins. “We try to give a framework that helps people think about sex biblically, practically, and to talk through it as couples,” he says.