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In the News: Secularism, Nationalism, Pastafarianism, and more!

In the News: Secularism, Nationalism, Pastafarianism, and more!

A round-up of recent religion news.
Daily Links: Unscrupulous Scribes

Daily Links: Unscrupulous Scribes

Orientalism, feminism, sexism, hedonism and beauty.
Rewriting Indian Legends

Rewriting Indian Legends

Meera Subramanian The people on the streets of Delhi, are saying: We won’t disappear.
What I'm Reading

What I’m Reading

Good reads pulled from The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Nation, The Paris Review, The Revealer and elsewhere.
In The World

In The World

By Natasja Sheriff From Tibet, Burma and India, the first of a weekly round-up of religion-related news from around the world.
Sweeping Air

Sweeping Air

From Varanasi, India, Meera Subramanian’s inner pragmatist ponders the meaning of strength and devotion as she witnesses the Hindu ritual of aarti.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Links

Where it's due:  A giant cheer to our fellow traveler Meera Subramanian (Killing the Buddha) for having her "India's Vanishing Vultures" (VQR, Spring 2011) named as one of the best long form articles of the year. Hitch Heaven: Ross Douthat, the super smarmy New York Times op-ed columnist known for giving women and...

Yoga’s Bondage

Amy Levin:  For most of us, it’s hard to wrap our heads around yoga - yes, this thing everyone is talking about, but also the details about how it got here, where it came from, and what the big deal is. Yoga has become such a part of our vernacular, and yet we seem to...

The Revealer Family, Published

It's been a great week for readers, thanks to a suite of articles by members of The Revealer's family of writers.  Covering issues from reality-based food to women's travel, from the health care crisis to Zionist activism to religious compounds in Missouri, we're proud to have such talented and diverse writers' names to drop! Former Revealer...

Oil Apocalypse

It's been six weeks since the Deep Water Horizon sank to the bottom of the Gulf waters. The Revealer's collected a number of articles and essays that examine what the spill means for the future of environmental activism, faith leaders, free-market supporters, and the animal and human inhabitants of a now-polluted region:
An op-ed by...

Adapting Ritual.

Meera Subramanian, senior editor at our sister site Killing the Buddha, has an article in today's Wall Street Journal on the crisis Parsis now face with the extinction of vultures; since the time of Herodotus, they have relied on these birds to dispose of their dead. Subramanian writes:
In the earthly realm of...

What Happened to The Revealer?

The Revealer has become awfully opaque of late, a static page of rarely renewed writing. That's because I've turned my energies back toward my first internet love, I hope Revealer readers will join me there. It's like The Revealer-plus, and then some.

I'll continue to occasionally blog about religion and media, along...